Zosia grass

Zosia grass, when established, makes a beautiful lawn. Certain varieties like Zeon Zosia are said to be cold tolerant all the way up to Chicago. However being a warm season grass, it does best in warmer climates. If in the right amount sun, Zosia grass will make a great choice for you lawn here in Gwinnett county.

Zosia originated in areas such as China and Japan. As a family, Zosia is a low grower that spreads slowly but aggressively, making it harder for weeds to compete with. It can tolerate high levels of heat, however does not like the cold. The further north you go the harder it is to grow.

Zosia is a full sun grass, though it can take more shade in the proper climates. In the south it is known to be more shade tolerant then up north, Still requiring at least 6 hours of sun. Once established this grass is very low maintenance. Its thick lower growth makes it harder for weeds to grow and easy to maintain its height. Zosia is also known to  tolerate salt spray just as well as  St. Augustine . Making this a great choice for  lawns near the coast. Zosia can also handle a lot of wear and tear making, it another great choice for athletic fields and golf courses.

Once you have decide to plant zosia grass in your lawn, there will be a few things to make sure of before finalizing your decision. First what type Zosia would you prefer to have?  Zosia comes in many varieties some being fine textured and some course.

Is you lawn in a full sun area or do you need a more shade tolerent variety? Most varieties prefer to be in full sun, however there are options for planting Zosia in light shade, if in the right climate. The furthur south you go the more shade tolerance Zosia will have.

How would you like to grow this grass? You can plant Zosia by sprigs, plugs, sod and certain varieties can now be grown from seed. Planting with sprigs or plugs can take up two years to get established. Seed  can reach establishment in as little as five months. The quickest way to have an established zosia lawn would be sod.

These are all various things that should be considered before choosing which variety to put in you lawn.  Which ever variety you choose, zosia will be sure to impress. Here at bright water landscaping we look forward to creating beautiful landscapes. Weather it be planting your Zosia grass or maintaining its lush green look. Call today for a free estimate on any of your landscaping needs.