Blooming shrubs

Here in Gwinnet county Georgia, There are many blooming shrub options to choose from. Coming in all the colors you can think of. Some are ever green   and some are deciduous. They are all beautiful in there own way. Here are a few we think will look great in any landscape.

Weigelas are a very beautiful shrubs. Its  colorful blooms really do give a nice show in the spring. And even while not blooming makes for a very attractive shrub.









Azaleas are and old time favorite and becoming a new favorite for new homeowners. With the different variety and color options. Now days there is an azalea for any spot you may have. Even in the full sun.








Indian Hawthorn
Indian hawthorns are a absolutely adorable shrubs. Year round it makes a great  hedge plant, but in the spring the little clusters off blooms cover the entire plant. Perfect for a little splash spring color.







These as well as many other shrubs give a beautiful bloom during the spring. Choosing which ones you want in you landscape and planting them is where the work comes in. Call Bright Water landscaping today, serving the metro Atlanta area, for a free estimate for the blooming garden of your dreams.

Blooming shrub Selection

Gwinnett county is full of beautiful fragrant shrubs throughout the year. Some of them that really stand out and provide the best fragrance are,

 August beauty Gardenia
This gardenia is quiet an impressive shrub. Giving  off beautiful double blooms with a fragrance that anyone would love to have around them.








Winter daphne
Winter daphne is one of our favorite plants. Not only is the fragrance to die for but makes a nice landscape shrub as well.







Fragrant tea olive
The fragrant tea olive is an amazing plant both in bloom and not.
Have a beautiful fragrance that is sure to impress anyone around it.











Here in Georgia there are some many plants to choose from, when doing  your landscape. How do you know you choosing the right ones? That’s where we come in, from plant selection  to irrigation  installation Bright Water  Landscaping can do it . Serving the metro Atlanta area, Call today for a free estimate.

Attract birds with your plants

There are many different way to attract birds here in Gwinnett. One of those ways is to provide certain plants that provide such things as food, shelter, and materials  the birds need to survive. Some  plants they will do this are .


Dog woods are an absolutely amazing tree. There bloom is something every landscape needs during the spring. In the fall they will have a red fruit on them that the birds go crazy for.







There are many different types of hollies in the world. They can go in many different types of situations in the landscape. The varieties with a lot  berries will attract the birds looking for food. The ones that do not fruit very much are also sought out by the birds for shelter.


Here at Bright Water Landscaping we know how much your lawn means to you. We would like to show you how to make it even that much more enjoyable. Having birds and other welcome wildlife can really make your outdoor experience a better one. Offering  services  from lawn maintenance to irrigation installation, all over the metro Atlanta area! Call today for a free estimate.

Fruit Tree Selection

Here in Gwinnett county Georgia, the are many options when planting fruit trees. We have many different types of apples, pears, plums and of course peaches that can grow throughout the entire state. Choosing the right ones can be tricky.


With apples and pears it is important to have the proper pollinating variety. For example Jonagold is sterile and needs another variety to pollinate. A good choice would be Granny smith. Some varieties are self pollinating, however having multiple fruit trees of matching pollinizing codes will always provide more fruit.


When planting Peach or Nectarine trees it is important to have the proper chill requirement for the variety you have chosen. Varieties that will grow well in Gwinnett include: Elberta, Coronet, and June gold.


Before planting any fruit trees you should have a soil text ran. Most fruit trees enjoy a sandy loam soil with a ph around 6- 6.5. When you have your soil test ran make sure to find out whether or not there are parasites present. Nematodes can kill fruit trees in just a few years if the root stock is not resistant to them.


Having your own fruit growing in your landscape will not only make you lawn beautiful but provide healthy snacks for you and your family. Call bright water landscaping today to have us build the orchard of your dreams. Offering anything from basic landscapes services to irrigation installation, call today for a free estimate.

Privacy plant

A lot of us have homes that could use a privacy plant or two. We may love our neighbors but we may not want see them every time we go outside. There are many plants the will provide privacy. Choosing the right one is very important. Here are a few that might me your needs.

 Leyland Cypress


The Leyland cypress tree is a great tree for providing privacy and doing so very quickly. The main thing to consider is if you have enough space for its mature growth. However it is a beautiful tree if the area permits. It thrives in full sun and if planted at the right time of year, should need little watering.  It can get 100ft. Tall and  50ft. Wide growing very fast. This is why you should check your space before choosing this plant.



Emerald Green Arborvitae

The emerald green arborvitae is a great privacy plant. Its will get around 20ft. Tall and 3ft wide. Making perfect for tighter spaces. It has a nice textured dark green foliage and makes for a beautiful plant in the landscape. It  thrives in full sun and will need little watering if planted during the right time of the year.


These and many other beautiful plants can provide privacy. Choosing where is easy but what plant to put there can be tricky. Call bright water landscaping today. We can give you privacy and function while bringing beauty and color into your landscapes. Offering services in the Gwinnett county and metro Atlanta areas call today for a free estimate.

Rose Selection

Here in Gwinnett county Georgia there are many different types of roses you can choose from for your garden. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes , and growth habits. Here are a few that we have chosen to be our favorites.

Red Double Knock out

Bloom Time: Spring through fall
Color: Red
Foliage: green
Size: 3′ to 4′ tall and wide
Exposure: full sun
Features: disease resistance, showy flowers


Lady banks
Rosa banksiae

Bloom Time: Spring
Color: yellow
Foliage: green
Size: 15′ to 20′ tall and wide (vine)
Exposure: full sun
Features: low maintenance, showy flowers


Sunny Knock Out




Bloom Time: spring through fall
Color: yellow
Foliage: green
Size: 3′ to 4′ tall and wide
Exposure: full sun
Features: disease resistance


There are many beautiful rose bushes out there. Each one with there own unique qualities and characteristics. They have a wide variety of blooms and vibrant colors that are sure to light up any landscape. We would love to come and do the same for yours. Serving the metro Atlanta area , Call Bright Water Landscaping today for a free estimate on any of your landscaping needs!

Blooming vines

Here in Gwinnett there are many hardy vines. Most of which have gorgeous blooms. Here are a Few of our favorites

Madison Jasmine
Trachelospermum jasminoides ‘Madison’


Bloom Time: Spring

Color: white

Foliage: green

Size: 10′ to 12′ long on a trellis or 1′ tall as a ground cover

Exposure: full to part sun

Feature: fragrant


Carolina Jessamine
Gelsemium sempervirens


Bloom Time: early spring

Color: yellow

Foliage: green

Size: 20′ long

Exposure: full to part sun

Features: showy flowers


Clematis x cartmanii ‘Blaaval’


Bloom Time: Spring

Color: white

Foliage: green

Size: 12′ to 15′ long

Exposure: full to part sun

Feature: Showy flowers


These are just a sample of what the world of blooming vines has to offer. Many of which will look magnificent in your garden or patio! We offer services in the metro Atlanta area call Bright water landscaping  today for free estimate on the landscape of your dreams





Beat the heat with a new sprinkler system

Here Gwinnett county the heat has started a little early this year. That only tells me one thing, come this summer its going to be a scorcher. You know what that means, all of our plants are going to need water. Do you really want to spend another summer outside watering everyday? An underground irrigation system is the answer to all of your worries!


By adding a underground irrigation system to you yard you will do more then relieve yourself of stress and save time. You plants will be much healthier and you lawn green and lush. To have successful plants, they need enough water. Here in Atlanta the temperatures get so high our plants transpire much faster and the soils dry much faster on the own as well. By adding an underground irrigation system you will be sure your plants are getting the right amount of water.


When you have an underground irrigation system you can finally relax when you have new plantings. Knowing your investment is secure. No more dead plants because you forgot water or even worse when you did water and they still dry out. Most of us do not give of plants enough water when hand watering plants in the ground. Having an irrigation system gives you the piece of mind that they are getting the right amount of water at the right time.


Today is the day relieve your self of the fear of the summer heat! Call Bright Water Landscaping today for a free estimate!

Make a Statement with hardscapes

Everyone has that place in you home that you would like to make a statement out of. Weather it be your entry way, your mail box, your backyard  or any place in your landscape for that matter, statements can be made.

Starting with that old tin mailbox. For most it is the first thing people see as they arrive at their homes. This is a great place to make a statement. Converting  to a mailbox built out of a nice brick or stone will add elegance and  beauty as you enter you home.  By adding planter boxes or beds filled with colorful plants  you can make them even more breath taking!

The next place I would try to make a statement is the walk way and front door entry area. Throughout this area there are many different types of hardscapes to choose from. A pond, a fountain, retaining walls, mulch paths, decks , anything your mind can think of. Starting out simple maybe small pond, with a running water and fish. Something you and you guest can enjoy every time you come and go. And by adding the plants  around this pond, you can really transform any area into tiny oasis.

Next we can talk about the back yard. The back yard isn’t any different, there are just as many options  for hardscapes here as any other place in the yard. Depending on the size of you yard, most hardscapes done here can be done on a bigger scale. And if you entertain a lot, this may really be your place to make a statement. By adding a large stone fire place or pit, adding a deck or gazebo you can really change the feel of the area to exactly what you want!

There are many opportunities to make these types of statements and more happen for you. Offering services in the metro Atlanta and Gwinnett county area. Call today for a free estimate on any and all of your landscaping needs!


Here in Gwinnett  county with our scorching summers and freezing winters mulching is very important when doing your landscaping. Adding a layer of mulch between 2″ to  4″ over your planting beds will provide many benefits.


Starting with the heat of the summer. Here in Georgia our plants  undergo a lot of stress from high temperatures. Especially during periods of drought. By adding a layer of mulch over you planting areas, it will conserve moisture and insulate the roots keeping them cooler.  This making you plants less stressed and looking beautiful.


During the winter the same idea goes for mulch being an insulator, just for different reasons. By mulching your plants during the winter, they will be much less likely to be damaged by the cold.  This should also be done with your container gardens.  Container plants are not insulted by the ground there for could use a little extra if the plant is not very hardy. Also by mulching you will protect the roots of your plants from any traffic or erosion.


When doing a landscape, mulching is always the icing on the cake. It really does bring together the entire project. There are many places and spaces that could really use a final touch. Call Brightwater landscaping today to have that finale touch put on your yard. Offering services in Gwinnett and metro Atlanta call today for a free estimate.