Benefits Of Having an Underground irrigation System

Throughout the past 20 years I have struggled with countless dehydration issues in my lawn and garden. Having the high temperatures that we have in Gwinnett really puts a lot of stress on plants. Even established trees, shrubs, and turf can struggle with dehydration. However the , annuals, turf,  and new plantings are where  the trouble comes first.  Having an efficient and reliable underground irrigation system is the easiest way to prevent that from happening. It is also  one of the most beneficial tools in keeping your landscape looking healthy and fresh!

To have a beautiful lawn and garden your plants must have sufficient hydration. Water is essential for  plant’s to uptake nutrients from the soil. If  you are like me and to you your  lawn is  more then just plants but an investment. Protecting that investment with a underground irrigation system can save you from losing plants from drought and keep you lawn full and green.

Lugging around hoses and sprinkler heads can be a pain and remembering to put them out is such a hassle. If you forget one day in august, your plants may not make it. Having the convenience of an underground irrigation system will relieve you of that stress. You select the days and times for them to turn on and that’s it, no more worry! The flowers stay upright and the  grass stays green. Its much easier to enjoy my yard when I don’t have to worry about watering .

To keep you lawn looking nice you still have to fertilize, cut the grass, and apply weed killers, but having an underground irrigation system cuts out the biggest hassle of all, keeping everything watered! Here at Bright Water Landscaping  we not only know how to make you lawn and garden beautiful , we know how to keep it that way!  Our services include anything from basic landscaping services  starting at $39.99 to irrigation installation to keep our work watered and looking fresh!

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