Blooming shrub Selection

Gwinnett county is full of beautiful fragrant shrubs throughout the year. Some of them that really stand out and provide the best fragrance are,

 August beauty Gardenia
This gardenia is quiet an impressive shrub. Giving  off beautiful double blooms with a fragrance that anyone would love to have around them.








Winter daphne
Winter daphne is one of our favorite plants. Not only is the fragrance to die for but makes a nice landscape shrub as well.







Fragrant tea olive
The fragrant tea olive is an amazing plant both in bloom and not.
Have a beautiful fragrance that is sure to impress anyone around it.











Here in Georgia there are some many plants to choose from, when doing  your landscape. How do you know you choosing the right ones? That’s where we come in, from plant selection  to irrigation  installation Bright Water  Landscaping can do it . Serving the metro Atlanta area, Call today for a free estimate.