Berry Selection

Here in Gwinnett county Georgia you have many different options when it comes to having berries in your  yard. Here are some we really enjoy having in ours.


Starting with delicious strawberries. Strawberry plants are a lot fun plants to have. They  come up in spring with large green leaves. Then send out pretty white flowers that soon shed there petals and turn into strawberries. They prefer full sun for a successful crop. They do well in hanging baskets, in the ground, and in containers. Strawberries are usually ripe within 3 to 4 weeks after they bloom.


Next on the list is raspberries. Raspberries are not the best looking plant if untended to , but the berries are worth the work. They emerge in spring on a vigorously growing vine with white blooms. These blooms turn into delicious red berries when ripe. They prefer the full sun and can get very large if not pruned. They are usually ready for harvest in July.


Another fun berry to have in the landscape blueberry bushes. Growing on attractive shrubs if cared for properly. In the spring depending on the variety  will have a white or pink blooms. Coming after the bloom is an attractive blue to purple berry. They are very hardy here in Atlanta and  are also easy to grow organically because of their insect resistance.  You will need to have two plants in order to pollinate properly, though some varieties are self pollinating two will insure more fruit.  They prefer the full sun for a successful crop.


Its not only fun to have delicious berries in your landscape, but its healthy to! Having natural snacks on hand is a must for healthy habits. Call today to have Bright Water Landscaping  come and set up your own berry garden for you and your family to enjoy. Offering anything from basic landscape services to  irrigation installation. Call today for a free estimate.