Blooming shrubs

Here in Gwinnet county Georgia, There are many blooming shrub options to choose from. Coming in all the colors you can think of. Some are ever green   and some are deciduous. They are all beautiful in there own way. Here are a few we think will look great in any landscape.

Weigelas are a very beautiful shrubs. Its  colorful blooms really do give a nice show in the spring. And even while not blooming makes for a very attractive shrub.









Azaleas are and old time favorite and becoming a new favorite for new homeowners. With the different variety and color options. Now days there is an azalea for any spot you may have. Even in the full sun.








Indian Hawthorn
Indian hawthorns are a absolutely adorable shrubs. Year round it makes a great  hedge plant, but in the spring the little clusters off blooms cover the entire plant. Perfect for a little splash spring color.







These as well as many other shrubs give a beautiful bloom during the spring. Choosing which ones you want in you landscape and planting them is where the work comes in. Call Bright Water landscaping today, serving the metro Atlanta area, for a free estimate for the blooming garden of your dreams.