Bulbs to plant in the Fall for full sun

Here in Gwinnet county there are many bulbs that may do well in your gardens full sun area, but which ones should you  choose. There are so many varieties it can get a little confusing. Stick with basics and you cant go wrong. Bulbs like these just never get old!

Daffodil mix
Narcissus species

Space: 3″ to 6″
Depth: 3″ to 6″
Bloom time: Early through mid spring
Bloom height: 6″ to 24″
Type: perennial



Tulipa species

 Space: 4″ to 6″
Depth: 4″ to 6″
Bloom time: Early to late spring
Bloom height: 3″ to 30″
Type: perennial




Hyacinthus orientalis

Depth: 4″
Bloom time: Middle of Spring
Bloom height: 10″
Type: perennial





Having these beautiful blooms come up in you garden during the spring is something you must not miss. Call Bright Water Landscaping today and we can make that happen. Offering service in the metro Atlanta area call today for a free estimate on any of you landscaping needs.