Container Gardening

When landscaping your home adding container gardens can give you a lot of added interest in many different areas.  The front porch, on the back deck, around your pond or pool, the options are endless!  When choosing the plants for your containers there are a few tips that will help insure there beauty.

The first tip would be, when choosing you plants for your container choose only three different types.

Some containers may require more depending on the size and plant selection. However the general rule of thumb is three.

These three plants should give three different visual points of inertest. One being up right or tall like a dracaena, another  draping over the side of the pot like creeping jenny and one filling the container like impatiens. This will give you container function and balance making it very attractive.

When planting your containers you should use a well drained soil. If necessary put pea gravel on the bottom for added drainage. Make sure your  containers have holes on the bottom and that you have pot feet under them. Pot feet insure  the water is not sitting on the bottom of the pot. During the winter this will help keep your pots from freezing and breaking.

If doing this in the spring adding something like soil moist will be helpful when the temperature gets high and water is in high demand. Here in Gwinnett county one day without watering some plants in containers, may mean the end of them.  Doing this will significantly cut down watering and lost plants. Fertilize your annual containers once a month during their growing season and shrub containers once in early spring and once again in late summer.

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