Drought tolerant plants

Here in Gwinnett county  many of us struggle with keeping our plants watered during the spring and summer. Using certain plants that are more drought tolerant will cut down on a lot of the worry and hassle. Some of the more drought tolerant plants are.

Lantana miss huff

Bloom Time – Late spring until frost

Color – Yellow, orange, pink

Foliage – Light green

Size – 3-5 ft. with equal spread. Size will vary with space for growth

Exposure – Full sun, some light shade






Echinaceae purple cone flower

Bloom Time – mid summer- until frost

Color- Purples, pinks, whites

Foliage – dark green

Size-1-3 ft tall 12 to 24 inches wide

Exposure – Full sun to part shade




Bloom Time –  Summer

Color-  multi

Foliage- Green

Size- 12- 18 inches tall and wide

Exposure- Full sun to partial shade





Plants like these are native to Atlanta and have been handling our drought for years and years. Here at bright water landscaping, we not only can give you a beautiful garden but we can make it less stressful and easier to enjoy. Call today for a free estimate.