Fruit Tree Selection

Here in Gwinnett county Georgia, the are many options when planting fruit trees. We have many different types of apples, pears, plums and of course peaches that can grow throughout the entire state. Choosing the right ones can be tricky.


With apples and pears it is important to have the proper pollinating variety. For example Jonagold is sterile and needs another variety to pollinate. A good choice would be Granny smith. Some varieties are self pollinating, however having multiple fruit trees of matching pollinizing codes will always provide more fruit.


When planting Peach or Nectarine trees it is important to have the proper chill requirement for the variety you have chosen. Varieties that will grow well in Gwinnett include: Elberta, Coronet, and June gold.


Before planting any fruit trees you should have a soil text ran. Most fruit trees enjoy a sandy loam soil with a ph around 6- 6.5. When you have your soil test ran make sure to find out whether or not there are parasites present. Nematodes can kill fruit trees in just a few years if the root stock is not resistant to them.


Having your own fruit growing in your landscape will not only make you lawn beautiful but provide healthy snacks for you and your family. Call bright water landscaping today to have us build the orchard of your dreams. Offering anything from basic landscapes services to irrigation installation, call today for a free estimate.