Gardening in February

Christmas has come and past. The Camellia’s and Helleborus are still  blooming. It is still pretty cold here in Gwinnett but spring will be here soon. There are many things  to do in and around the garden during this time of year. Preparing for the spring can make a huge difference in the quality of your plants. Here are some things you can do to prepare.

Start putting down you first application of pre emergent. Some may say it is to early but this will insure none of the grassy weeds germinate. Apply another application in late march. If you are planning to re-seed fescue do not put down any pre-emergent. While stopping the germination of weeds it will also do the same for grass seed. If laying fescue seed  wait for the average temperature to be between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prune shrubs such as crape myrtles and roses. Throughout the year, old and diseased branches can be removed at any time but now is the time to prune the entire plant. A good rule of thumb that I use when pruning my trees and shrubs, is to not take anymore then a third of the plant off at once. This will insure that the plant will not go in to shock. There are plants such as ligustrum that can handle harsh pruning but to be safe I stick with that rule, unless otherwise advised.

Fertilize  pansies and other winter annuals. Use a fertilizer  with a high phosphorus level to promote blooming. Pansies can bloom all the way through spring and even into summer if cared for properly.

It is also a good time to prepare annual and vegetables beds. Use soil conditioner  to break down clay soils and promote root growth. Also using planting mixes with high organic matter are  beneficial to your plants by helping conserve water through the hot months and providing natural nutrients. Get  a soil test kit to find out if your soil needs lime or sulfur to balance the ph level.

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