Grass selection in Gerogia

When choosing what grass to put in your yard you have many options to choose from. Some would think  choosing which grass  to plant in your yard is a simple choice. However in gwinnett county having as broad of a range of temperatures as we do, this decisions should be well thought out.

Here are some different  grasses that would work well in the gwinnett area in the summer.


Bermuda grass is a great choice for the warmer months. Its is very resistant to drought and can be planted in a variety of soils. If fertilized properly, Bermuda will make a lawn thick and green.



Centipede is a low maintenance grass. It has thick needles like fescue. It is slow growing making mowing very infrequent. It is a warm season grass, there for does very well Gwinnett.


  St. Augustine grass.

St. Augustine has a large thick blade and makes for a lush green lawn. This grass will grow very aggressively in the proper climates. However this far north it can be difficult to grow. The further south you go into Georgia the easier it is to establish St. Augustine.

grasses That will grow well in the colder months in Georgia are.



Fescue is a very common grass, Doing well in sun and part shade, this is a great grass for back yards where trees block half the days sun. Fescue will need to be over seeded every few years.




Ryegrasses have many good qualities. Some use this to establish new lawns and also to protect warm season grasses from the cold.

Having a beautiful lawn in gwinnett county may take a little thought, but at the end of the day it is well worth it. Looking out into your lawn and seeing nothing but a green landscape and beautiful blooming plants is an experience you must not miss. Bright Water Landscaping can make that happen for. Making lawns look beautiful for 20 years call today for a free estimate.