Almost every garden has that bare ugly spot where nothing seems to grow well. Maybe the area dose not get enough sun. The soil maybe course and hard for plants to grow in. Maybe it’s on an incline where to much wind and water run off make the area unlivable for everyday plants.

What ever the case may be these are obstacles we all run into somewhere in our lawn and garden. The problem may very but the answers are all the same. Cover the area with flowing vibrant green ground covers.

Ground covers are easy to grow and are visually appealing, they cover empty areas, and lowers maintenance needs. Ground covers can make a boring, empty area into a beautiful focal point. These plants can cover up bare spots under trees and can be used to transition spaces along pathways. They also provide a beautiful show of flowers as the seasons change.

Ground covers are a very inexpensive, quick way to deal with challenging areas. They provide the same functionality mulch does at a fraction of the price. Fall is the best time to plant ground covers, giving roots a chance to become established before the heat of the summer puts added stress on them. before you decide which ground cover to choose from, here are some tips to help you make you decision.

Don’t go after the first variety that catches your attention. Figure out what type of conditions the plant will be in. Then find one that will grow well in that type of area. Most ground covers are very versatile. Some prefer sun, while others thrive only in shade. Some prefer dry locations. Others require moist soil.

Have a soil test done. Find out if you soil in course or fine? Is there clay that needs to be amended? The test will also tell you the ph level of the soil. Most plants take in nutrients best at a slightly acidic ph level. To make your ph level more acidic add sulfur to make it more alkine add lime.

As easy as they are to grow groundcovers still require some care. Proper fertilization, weed prevention, and water will still need to be done. More care will be needed when they are first planted and more sparingly after they are established.

There are many different options when it comes to using ground covers in you problems areas. To insure the job is done right call bright water landscaping today . We insure to assess  each problem individually, and provide the solution to solve it. Covering the metro Atlanta  and Gwinnett areas call today for a free estimate.