Hardscaping by definition is a term that refers to the hard elements, or man made parts of a landscape.  This can be things like walkways, lawn statues, or  patios.


Here in Gwinnett county I see many hardscapes complementing  peoples landscapes and it really does seem to be the element that ties it all together. Adding these elements to your landscape  may be just what you need to bring  yours together to.  There are so many options when using hardscapes that can really manipulate the atmosphere that you’re looking for. You can choose from many different theme options that will complement the desired look and feel of your landscape. When you start to do your plan for you hardscapes options, keep in mind the importance of the textures you use and the impact they make on the look and feel of your plan. Textures can make or break a design. Not enough texture can be boring and lifeless and too much can make you feel uneasy and cramped. For example if  you were redoing your front  steps in stacked stone, you would want to make sure that color and texture of the stone will go well with the that of your house. Simple things such as these can sometimes be overlooked if not paid attention to and can be very detrimental to the over all out come of your project.


Before choosing the hardscapes your planning to put in your yard. Consider the purpose of each feature and how it complements your current style of home.  Many areas in your landscape can require many different  features depending on their purpose. For instance you have a nice sized back yard, but it only consist of a concrete slab and some turf. By removing the concrete slab and adding a patio you can separate the area for entertaining and the area for  the lawn. If you have the space to do so, you can extend the patio area opening up more room to add other features and to entertain. Adding things such as grills, planters, or patio furniture  can also help set the look and feel you are going for.

Not all hardscape plans have to be big or expensive. Adding things such as a trellis or a bench in a small garden can really complement the area well. Putting a small pond in the front yard, can make the entrance of a home feel welcoming and natural.  Areas that you would like to make walk ways can be done inexpensively with mulch or stone.  Doing any small project in your yard can really transform the area if done right.

As you can see there are many options when it come to adding hardscapes to your home. The first step is making the decision to have the outdoor space of your dreams.  The second step is finding the right people to do the work. Here at bright water landscaping  we look forward to making that dream come true. Providing services around the metro Atlanta area for all your landscaping needs. Call today for a free estimate.