Hardy Shrubs To Plant In Georgia

There are many trees and shrubs to choose from when going through you local nurseries here Gwinnett county. To pick plants that are hardy here it is always best to go for the ones native to your area. Here in Georgia some of our native shrubs are:


Sweet Shrub
Calycanthus floridus

Bloom Time: Late spring mid summer

Color: red

Foliage: green

Size: 10ft tall and 5ft to 8ft wide

Exposure: Full sun to full shade




Witch Hazel
Hamamelis virginiana

Bloom Time: Late fall

Color: yellow

Foliage: green

Size: 15ft tall and 15 ft wide

Exposure: full sun to partial shade





Catawba Rosebay

Bloom Time: mid spring

Color: pink and lavender

Foliage: green

Size: 6ft tall to 10ft equal width can get up to 20ft tall

Exposure: shade




These are just a few of the many native shrubs in Georgia. All there own unique beauty. Here Bright Water Landscaping we offer services from planting these beautiful shurbs to irrigation installation.  Call today  for a free estimate on any of you landscaping needs!