Planting in the fall

Everyone has heard it before but do you know why fall is a better time than spring to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials. There are many things that contribute to making planting in the fall beneficial. When a plant is planted in fall, it may see the cold temperatures where the vegetative growth is, but not underground where the roots are. Over most of the state, underground root growth goes right on until the soil temperature drops below 40 degrees.  (about 50% of  the country never gets that low, and even in the colder areas, the roots have several months to grow before the soil temperature drops to that degree.)

The difference between planting in the spring and the fall is simple. If you are planting a tree or a shrub in the spring, it must acclimate to its new home and immediately start growing. While it is already taking nutrients to grow the roots. At the same time, it is producing leaves, flowers, and then having to go through the stress of the Georgia heat. When planting the same tree or shrub in fall it will go  dormant above ground once the outside temperature is to cold and the roots will continue to grow for several months. In doing this, it will give the plant time to become comfortable and strong. When spring comes around, your plants will be established and ready to push out healthy vegetative growth and many beautiful blooms.


Now you know why people keep saying it and it’s true. Fall is definitely the better time to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials. It is one of the most gratifying experience’s to watch spring roll in with beautiful blooms and seeing the trees fill out and then to watching the fall colors cover everything. It really is something you must experience for yourself. Covering the metro Atlanta area, call Brightwater today for a free estimate on the landscape of your dreams!






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