How to bring color into your lawn during the winter

Here in Gwinnett county the winter months can really make your lawn and garden unappealing. With all the leaves, spring annuals, and perennials gone, there is almost no color to be seen. After seeing the beautiful show of colors in fall, the winter months can seem kind of dreary. Fortunately all is not lost. There are many annuals, perennials and evergreens that can brighten up your lawn and garden.

Hellaborus are a beautiful flowering perennial that really save the winter here in Georgia. Having a wide variety of colorful blooms from December into February can really put some life back into your garden.  Hellaborus is shade loving plant requiring partial to full shade and likes to stay pretty moist.  It does keep its leaves year round, however, the real show is in the winter.


Camellias are also great plants to have in your  landscape for winter color. They can also be used as great evergreen shrubs throughout the year. In fall the sansanqua camellias will start blooming with a wide variety of colors and bloom past February. The japonica camellias will start  blooming between late fall and early winter.  Varieties of the species japonica can bloom all the way into spring . These blooms with be sure to brighten up any dreary winter landscape.

Another way to add color to your garden during the winter, is annuals. Plants like pansy, violas, and cabbage can really brighten up areas the winter has dulled out. Just by adding a flat around the mailbox or a line of contrasting colors down a walk way, can really brighten things up. You can also mix annuals and evergreens to make beautiful container gardens. For example putting an autumn fern surrounded by violas with ivy trailing in between is a  great way to add color to your deck or empty containers.



These are just a few of the many things you can do to add color in your garden during the winter. If you’re tired of seeing nothing but bloomless plants and twigs give us a call! Here at Brightwater Landscaping we would love nothing more then to make your lawn and garden just as enjoyable in the cooler months as it is in spring and summer. Serving the metro Atlanta area. Call today for a FREE QUOTE!( 770) 237-9300