Hydrangeas are one of the most attractive plants that come up in the spring. They come in many varieties that have many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Most varieties grow well in the shade, however there are certain ones that grow best In full sun. Here in Gwinnett we have some really beautiful hydrangeas. When the spring time comes you can really see how well they light up the landscapes around town. Some varieties that might do well in your lawn are:


Vanilla Strawberry

These hydrangeas  really are amazing. They do well in the middle of  large landscapes, in containers, and make great borders . In mid summer enormous creamy white panicle blooms start growing off of red stems. These blooms change from a bright pink into a dark red. This change of colors really puts on a vibrant show that is sure to impress. This is something you surely do not want to miss out on!


Nikko blue

The Nikko blue hydrangeas  are on of the most common varieties in the hydrangea family. They have large round deep blue blooms that come out in late spring.  Their foliage is a large oval shape that commonly comes to a point . The blooms may be a light blue or even a pink if the soil is alkaline. To have the deep blue blooms an acidic soil level between 5.2-5.5 is ideal. Use lime to make the soil more alkaline(light blue or pink) and use garden sulphur  to make the soil level more acidic (deep blue). To find out the ph level a soil test is needed. These hydrangeas like to be in partial shade with wet feet.


These and many other hydrangeas are just what anyone needs to brighten up a dreary garden. Hear at bright water landscaping we would love to come brighten up yours. Serving the metro Atlanta area Call today for a free estimate.