Landscaping on a hill

Here In Gwinnett most of our yards have some kind of hill that will need to be landscaped. The main goal when landscaping a hill will be to prevent soil erosion. Having deep healthy roots on these slopes will prevent soil from eroding. The question is what kind of plants are suitable for your area and what type of space are we putting them in.

If you have an area that you could or would  be walking through then you might want to consider adding a pathway or steps. If this is a hill in front of the house you may consider having a retaining wall put in to level the area out. Also while doing this retaining wall you can add more interest by doing stacked stone or brick instead of wood.

Plant selection is also very important. The same rules apply when it comes to sun and shade. However most groundcovers like periwinkle  and many shrubs like Nandinas tend to be pretty versatile when it comes sun or shade requirements.

Also when landscaping your hill  you want to do a proper soil analysis. Proper ph levels and moisture

retention will be key in having successful plants.  Once a soil test has been ran, lime or sulfur should be added to adjust the ph levels if needed. If the soil texture is mostly  clay, and if you live in Atlanta it most likely is, the proper soil amendments  should be added. This will insure you plants have proper drainage.  Having proper drainage is very important in how well your plants receive nutrients when planting on a hill.

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