Laying sod

Sod is turf that has been grown from seed by a farmer and then sliced under a thin layer of soil. After it is cut farmers will either  stack or roll the sod and then sell it. Installing  the sod as quickly as possible is recommended. If for some reason you need to wait a few days before laying the sod, put the pieces in a single layer in as much shade as possible. Monitor the moisture level, do not let the sod dry out, keep it evenly moist until planting. With the heat we have in Gwinnett this could be more then once a day depending on the temperature.

Proper preparation for laying sod is very important. When starting to prepare you lawn, clear away any old grass, weeds, rocks ect.  The area you are planting in should be completely cleared out of all debris. Have the level of the soil about 3/4 of an inch  below any walk ways or curbs to insure thicker grass.

Before laying the sod a starter fertilizer should be  used. Spread the fertalizer at the recommended rate provided on the bag. Work the fertilizer in with a rake. If your anywhere close to Suwanee  in the middle of the summer, chances are the soil will be dry, moisten is slightly before installation.

Finally the installation of the sod. When laying the sod make sure all of the pieces are as close a possible without any overlapping. Over lapping will make it more difficult for the sod to root. When you run into a spot where a piece will not fit, cut the piece to fit the side. Keep what ever does not fit to the side, do not discard, you may be able to use this further into the project. Directly after the sod is laid you should begin watering it. For the first  two weeks keep an eye on your turf, do not allow it to dry out during this time. Water at a depth of 1″. Also when your sod is first laid it will probably be different colors. Do not be alarmed this is usually because of the way it was stored before installation.

Everyone wants a lush green lawn but planting and caring for those plants can be a lot of work. That’s where we come in. Let bright water landscaping be your go to guys for any of you landscaping needs. From laying sod to doing the work to maintain its beauty.  Call today for a free estimate.