Make a Statement with hardscapes

Everyone has that place in you home that you would like to make a statement out of. Weather it be your entry way, your mail box, your backyard  or any place in your landscape for that matter, statements can be made.

Starting with that old tin mailbox. For most it is the first thing people see as they arrive at their homes. This is a great place to make a statement. Converting  to a mailbox built out of a nice brick or stone will add elegance and  beauty as you enter you home.  By adding planter boxes or beds filled with colorful plants  you can make them even more breath taking!

The next place I would try to make a statement is the walk way and front door entry area. Throughout this area there are many different types of hardscapes to choose from. A pond, a fountain, retaining walls, mulch paths, decks , anything your mind can think of. Starting out simple maybe small pond, with a running water and fish. Something you and you guest can enjoy every time you come and go. And by adding the plants  around this pond, you can really transform any area into tiny oasis.

Next we can talk about the back yard. The back yard isn’t any different, there are just as many options  for hardscapes here as any other place in the yard. Depending on the size of you yard, most hardscapes done here can be done on a bigger scale. And if you entertain a lot, this may really be your place to make a statement. By adding a large stone fire place or pit, adding a deck or gazebo you can really change the feel of the area to exactly what you want!

There are many opportunities to make these types of statements and more happen for you. Offering services in the metro Atlanta and Gwinnett county area. Call today for a free estimate on any and all of your landscaping needs!