Here in Gwinnett  county with our scorching summers and freezing winters mulching is very important when doing your landscaping. Adding a layer of mulch between 2″ to  4″ over your planting beds will provide many benefits.


Starting with the heat of the summer. Here in Georgia our plants  undergo a lot of stress from high temperatures. Especially during periods of drought. By adding a layer of mulch over you planting areas, it will conserve moisture and insulate the roots keeping them cooler.  This making you plants less stressed and looking beautiful.


During the winter the same idea goes for mulch being an insulator, just for different reasons. By mulching your plants during the winter, they will be much less likely to be damaged by the cold.  This should also be done with your container gardens.  Container plants are not insulted by the ground there for could use a little extra if the plant is not very hardy. Also by mulching you will protect the roots of your plants from any traffic or erosion.


When doing a landscape, mulching is always the icing on the cake. It really does bring together the entire project. There are many places and spaces that could really use a final touch. Call Brightwater landscaping today to have that finale touch put on your yard. Offering services in Gwinnett and metro Atlanta call today for a free estimate.