Make a Statement with hardscapes

Everyone has that place in you home that you would like to make a statement out of. Weather it be your entry way, your mail box, your backyard  or any place in your landscape for that matter, statements can be made.

Starting with that old tin mailbox. For most it is the first thing people see as they arrive at their homes. This is a great place to make a statement. Converting  to a mailbox built out of a nice brick or stone will add elegance and  beauty as you enter you home.  By adding planter boxes or beds filled with colorful plants  you can make them even more breath taking!

The next place I would try to make a statement is the walk way and front door entry area. Throughout this area there are many different types of hardscapes to choose from. A pond, a fountain, retaining walls, mulch paths, decks , anything your mind can think of. Starting out simple maybe small pond, with a running water and fish. Something you and you guest can enjoy every time you come and go. And by adding the plants  around this pond, you can really transform any area into tiny oasis.

Next we can talk about the back yard. The back yard isn’t any different, there are just as many options  for hardscapes here as any other place in the yard. Depending on the size of you yard, most hardscapes done here can be done on a bigger scale. And if you entertain a lot, this may really be your place to make a statement. By adding a large stone fire place or pit, adding a deck or gazebo you can really change the feel of the area to exactly what you want!

There are many opportunities to make these types of statements and more happen for you. Offering services in the metro Atlanta and Gwinnett county area. Call today for a free estimate on any and all of your landscaping needs!


Here in Gwinnett  county with our scorching summers and freezing winters mulching is very important when doing your landscaping. Adding a layer of mulch between 2″ to  4″ over your planting beds will provide many benefits.


Starting with the heat of the summer. Here in Georgia our plants  undergo a lot of stress from high temperatures. Especially during periods of drought. By adding a layer of mulch over you planting areas, it will conserve moisture and insulate the roots keeping them cooler.  This making you plants less stressed and looking beautiful.


During the winter the same idea goes for mulch being an insulator, just for different reasons. By mulching your plants during the winter, they will be much less likely to be damaged by the cold.  This should also be done with your container gardens.  Container plants are not insulted by the ground there for could use a little extra if the plant is not very hardy. Also by mulching you will protect the roots of your plants from any traffic or erosion.


When doing a landscape, mulching is always the icing on the cake. It really does bring together the entire project. There are many places and spaces that could really use a final touch. Call Brightwater landscaping today to have that finale touch put on your yard. Offering services in Gwinnett and metro Atlanta call today for a free estimate.

Deciduous Shrub Selection

Here in gwinnett county georgia there are many different types of deciduous shrubs. There are a few however that are a must have for any landscape.

The first one is the Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus ). Burning bush is an a beautiful shrub year round but in the fall the brilliant red color of the leaves is something you must have you your yard.


Foliage: green (red in fall)

Features: fall color

Size: 6′ to 8′ tall and wide

Exposure: full sun


The next one is the Beauty Berry (callicarpa japonica) has the most beautiful berries and the bright purple they turn in the fall is a must have.


Foliage: green

Features: ornamental berries, attracts birds

Size: 6′ to 8′ tall and wide

Exposure: full sun





And last but not least the all famous hydrangeas. There are so many varieties that come in so many beautiful colors, they are a must have.

Bloom Time: Spring to late spring

Color: Depending on the soil ph and variety

Foliage: green

Size: most 4 to 5 tall and wide but can get up to 8 to 10

Exposure: most varieties like shade however panicle types thrive in full sun


Here in Georgia there are so many different plants to choose from and they are all so beautiful in the own unique way. The question is which ones do you want in your yard. That’s where we come in call Bright Water landscaping today and we will come and talk to you about the different options you have for beauty in your landscape. Offering service in the metro Atlanta area  call today for a free estimate.

Bulbs To plant in the spring for shade

Here in Gwinnet county there are many different types of  bulbs to plant  in your gardens shade areas during the spring. Here are few we have really liked!

Caladium hortulanum



Depth: 1″

Bloom time: until first frost

Foliage height: 1′ to 2′

Type: Annual


Polianthes tuberos



Space: 6″ to 8″

Depth: 3″

Bloom time: Mid to late summer

Bloom height: 1′ to 4′

Type: Annual

(partial shade)



Tuberous Begonia
Begonia x tuberhybrida


Space: 12″

Depth: very shallow

Bloom time:  Until first frost

Bloom height:12″ to 18″

Type: Annual



Having these beautiful blooms come up in you garden during the spring is something you must not miss. Call Bright Water Landscaping today and we can make that happen. Offering service in the metro Atlanta area call today for a free estimate on any of you landscaping needs.



Bulbs to plant in the spring for the full sun

Here in Gwinnet county there are many different types of  bulbs to plant  in your gardens full sun areas during the spring. With so many beautiful colorful blooms its hard to choose just one. So here are few we really like!

Dahlia hybrids


Space: 12″ to 36″

Depth:  2″ to 6″

Bloom time: Until first frost

Bloom height: 1′ to 5′

Type: Annual




African Lily
Agapanthus africanus


Depth: 1″ (just enough to cover bulb)

Bloom time:  Until Frost

Bloom height:12″ to 24″

Type: annual (may come back)


Lilium species & hybrids


Space:9″ to 18″

Depth: 4″ to 6″

Bloom time: Until frost

Bloom height:2′ to 6′

Type: perennial


Having these beautiful blooms come up in you garden during the summer is something you must not miss. Call Bright Water Landscaping today and we can make that happen. Offering service in the metro Atlanta area call today for a free estimate on any of you landscaping needs.

Bulbs to plant in the Fall for full sun

Here in Gwinnet county there are many bulbs that may do well in your gardens full sun area, but which ones should you  choose. There are so many varieties it can get a little confusing. Stick with basics and you cant go wrong. Bulbs like these just never get old!

Daffodil mix
Narcissus species

Space: 3″ to 6″
Depth: 3″ to 6″
Bloom time: Early through mid spring
Bloom height: 6″ to 24″
Type: perennial



Tulipa species

 Space: 4″ to 6″
Depth: 4″ to 6″
Bloom time: Early to late spring
Bloom height: 3″ to 30″
Type: perennial




Hyacinthus orientalis

Depth: 4″
Bloom time: Middle of Spring
Bloom height: 10″
Type: perennial





Having these beautiful blooms come up in you garden during the spring is something you must not miss. Call Bright Water Landscaping today and we can make that happen. Offering service in the metro Atlanta area call today for a free estimate on any of you landscaping needs.

Planting Bulbs

Choosing which bulbs to plant, the time to plant and how to plant them is essential for successful bulb planting .  Here in Gwinnett county the time to plant Spring flowering bulbs is in the fall. You should plant these between late October and  late December. Plant summer flowering bulbs in the early spring. Make sure there is no danger of frost, if so try to cover them. Here in Georgia you can start planting as early as February, however to be safe late march would be best. Store bulbs in a 60-65 degree area.

When planting your bulbs you should dig an individual whole for every bulb. Reference you package for the proper depth to plant. If this is not available, the general rule for depth and spacing is for every inch of the bulb go three inches in depth and three inches of space. So if you have a two inch bulb you would plant at a depth of six inches and space them at six inches apart. Add bone meal or bulb food to each whole at the recommended amount.

When choosing your bulbs keep in mind the different characteristics of each kind. Some bulbs such as

Cannas lilies can get over five feet tall. So read the labels carefully,  planting these in the wrong spot could be very invasive. Also make sure your bulbs are planted in a spot where they will be getting the amount of sun a shade they require while they are In bloom.  Keep In mind whether the leaves will be on the trees during there bloom. They may shade a sunny spot from fall to spring. The amount of sun or shade can really make difference in the blooms from your bulbs.

Having beautiful flowering bulbs around your home or business can really brighten things up, but planting them can be a pain. That’s where we come in. Bright Water Landscaping has had years of experience in transforming dull lawns in to beautiful landscapes. Serving the metro Atlanta area call today for a free estimate!

Container Gardening

When landscaping your home adding container gardens can give you a lot of added interest in many different areas.  The front porch, on the back deck, around your pond or pool, the options are endless!  When choosing the plants for your containers there are a few tips that will help insure there beauty.

The first tip would be, when choosing you plants for your container choose only three different types.

Some containers may require more depending on the size and plant selection. However the general rule of thumb is three.

These three plants should give three different visual points of inertest. One being up right or tall like a dracaena, another  draping over the side of the pot like creeping jenny and one filling the container like impatiens. This will give you container function and balance making it very attractive.

When planting your containers you should use a well drained soil. If necessary put pea gravel on the bottom for added drainage. Make sure your  containers have holes on the bottom and that you have pot feet under them. Pot feet insure  the water is not sitting on the bottom of the pot. During the winter this will help keep your pots from freezing and breaking.

If doing this in the spring adding something like soil moist will be helpful when the temperature gets high and water is in high demand. Here in Gwinnett county one day without watering some plants in containers, may mean the end of them.  Doing this will significantly cut down watering and lost plants. Fertilize your annual containers once a month during their growing season and shrub containers once in early spring and once again in late summer.

Bright water landscaping would like nothing more then to fill your home with beautiful flowers and attractive pottery. Serving the metro Atlanta area call today for your free estimate.

Landscaping on a hill

Here In Gwinnett most of our yards have some kind of hill that will need to be landscaped. The main goal when landscaping a hill will be to prevent soil erosion. Having deep healthy roots on these slopes will prevent soil from eroding. The question is what kind of plants are suitable for your area and what type of space are we putting them in.

If you have an area that you could or would  be walking through then you might want to consider adding a pathway or steps. If this is a hill in front of the house you may consider having a retaining wall put in to level the area out. Also while doing this retaining wall you can add more interest by doing stacked stone or brick instead of wood.

Plant selection is also very important. The same rules apply when it comes to sun and shade. However most groundcovers like periwinkle  and many shrubs like Nandinas tend to be pretty versatile when it comes sun or shade requirements.

Also when landscaping your hill  you want to do a proper soil analysis. Proper ph levels and moisture

retention will be key in having successful plants.  Once a soil test has been ran, lime or sulfur should be added to adjust the ph levels if needed. If the soil texture is mostly  clay, and if you live in Atlanta it most likely is, the proper soil amendments  should be added. This will insure you plants have proper drainage.  Having proper drainage is very important in how well your plants receive nutrients when planting on a hill.

Here at bright water landscaping we insure the quality of every job we do. Call on us for any of your landscaping needs. From landscaping and lawn maintenance to irrigation and pond installation call today for a free estimate!

Plans for the winter

The year is coming to an end here in Gwinnett county and winter has pretty much settled in. What a good time to start thinking about your plans for 2013! Making your plans for the year can sometimes be a stressful job, so the sooner you begin, the better!

First step would be to walk around you lawn and garden to find your problem areas you would like fixed. Places where grass will not grow, empty areas, misused areas, ect. Maybe your garden could use a small pond or gazebo? Is it time to replace the deck? Do my plants to be replaced/maintained? Things like these are what should be going through you mind.

Once you have found your problem areas, think of what could make them better. How could this area be more functional?  Should we extend the deck?  Should we add a shade perennial bed where this grass will not grow? Questions like these are what you should be asking yourself.

Coming up with a plan for your garden can get pretty tedious. Fortunately for you Bright Water Landscaping has had 20 years of experience in landscaping design. Covering the metro Atlanta area call today for a free estimate on the plan of your dreams!