Plant Selection For your lawn

There are many different variables when choosing  the plants for your  lawn and garden.  Of course  sun is one of the main deciding factors but there are many other things to consider when  choosing  these plants.  Here in Gwinnett we have a large variety of options when choosing plants. The question is which ones fit your wants and needs.


The amount of sunlight a plant gets is one of the most important factors in plant selection. The first step is finding out where your full sun and shade areas are. You can start by figuring out where the sun rises and sets around your house. If needed you can get a compass and know that the sun rises in the east. However knowing this information is only half the battle. Pay attention to where other trees and homes may be blocking the sun.


Once you  have figured out where your  sun and shade areas are, it will be time to think about the function which you would like your plants to provide. There are many different types of functions that plants can provide such as adding shade to a hot lawn or attracting birds .For example if your needed function of a plant was to provide privacy between you and a neighbor , you  would want to choose a tall growing evergreen like the emerald green arborvitae. If wanting a shade tree you would plant something like  a red maple. Some plant functions are to just be beautiful or to bring a fragrance to a walk way.  Make your lawn your own by choosing plants and hardscapes that customize to your needs. Something you can be proud to show off and love to enjoy.


The next deciding factor is going to be the amount of maintenance you will be providing. Most shrubs require some type of pruning to keep a manicured look, however there are shrubs that require less work then others. For example if you like the look of a Loropetalum but do not want it to get very large and really don’t want to maintain it all that much. By getting the dwarf variety Purple Pixie , you will still need to maintain the width getting 9 feet wide if needed.The height  only getting  1 to 2 feet tall is easily maintained, making a great ground cover.  Another example would be a dwarf box wood only growing about 2 inches a year will hardly ever need to be trimmed unless trying to maintain a very small size or specific shape. One of my favorite shrubs which requires almost no maintenance Is dwarf Nandina. With varieties growing from 12 inches to 2 feet requiring very little to no  maintenance, this colorful plant is great choice for any landscape.



Figuring some of these things out can be a pain and the worry if your doing it right can make the whole experience unwanted. That’s where we come in! Here at Bright Water Landscaping we provide the knowledge and the ability to  design your lawn and even install the plants ourselves. We will not only make your lawn beautiful, but we will provide  it with purpose and functionality.  Providing services throughout the Atlanta area, CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIAMTE!