Planting Bulbs

Choosing which bulbs to plant, the time to plant and how to plant them is essential for successful bulb planting .  Here in Gwinnett county the time to plant Spring flowering bulbs is in the fall. You should plant these between late October and  late December. Plant summer flowering bulbs in the early spring. Make sure there is no danger of frost, if so try to cover them. Here in Georgia you can start planting as early as February, however to be safe late march would be best. Store bulbs in a 60-65 degree area.

When planting your bulbs you should dig an individual whole for every bulb. Reference you package for the proper depth to plant. If this is not available, the general rule for depth and spacing is for every inch of the bulb go three inches in depth and three inches of space. So if you have a two inch bulb you would plant at a depth of six inches and space them at six inches apart. Add bone meal or bulb food to each whole at the recommended amount.

When choosing your bulbs keep in mind the different characteristics of each kind. Some bulbs such as

Cannas lilies can get over five feet tall. So read the labels carefully,  planting these in the wrong spot could be very invasive. Also make sure your bulbs are planted in a spot where they will be getting the amount of sun a shade they require while they are In bloom.  Keep In mind whether the leaves will be on the trees during there bloom. They may shade a sunny spot from fall to spring. The amount of sun or shade can really make difference in the blooms from your bulbs.

Having beautiful flowering bulbs around your home or business can really brighten things up, but planting them can be a pain. That’s where we come in. Bright Water Landscaping has had years of experience in transforming dull lawns in to beautiful landscapes. Serving the metro Atlanta area call today for a free estimate!