Pruning Blooming shrubs

Pruning can be done by anyone, but without the proper knowledge it can be very detrimental  to your plants. Improper pruning can make your plants misshaped, not bloom, and more prone to insects and diseases. Knowing the right time and technique is very important. Over the years working in Gwinnett county I have seen many people harm there plants by pruning without the proper knowledge.


There are many reasons to prune your shrubs. Some plants are pruned to maintain a manicured look. Some are pruned because they have over grown the area they are in. Corrective pruning can be done to damaged plant material. Proper pruning can also activate vigorous growth making you plant fuller and more healthy. These things may all be needed by your plant however need to be done properly.



Timing is the most important part when it comes to blooming. A general rule is if the plant blooms before May prune them after they bloom. If the plant blooms after May prune it in the early spring right before vegetative growth begins. The reason for this is, plants like azaleas that bloom in spring set there buds in the fall so they should be pruned after they bloom. Plants like crape myrtles bloom after may so they set their buds in spring there for should be pruned before the vegetative  growth begins in spring.



The technique  you use is also very important. Regular shearing can make your plants dense and have less inner growth. While thinning can make the plant fuller and better looking . When thinning you should always cut the branch back to a bud. This will encourage new growth. Cutting back to a stump  can make the wound harder to heal and more prone the diseases  and insect damage. When cutting back at the bud cut at an angle. Doing this will help the wound stay moist and heal faster.



Pruning is something that should be done with knowledge and care. Here at bright water landscaping we know how important your lawn and garden is to you and we will be more then pleased to provide you with the proper knowledge and care it deserves. Serving the metro Atlanta area for over 20 years call today for a free estimate on any of your landscaping needs.