Soil management

Soil management is very important for the health of your plants. Especially with the heat stress our plants go through here in Suwanee, GA. They rely on having deep roots to receive moisture during times of drought. Having healthy soil is key for that to happen.  Things like thatch, imbalanced PH levels, and soil texture can all negatively impact plants health.  Soils should be properly amended before plant. A soil test should be ran to figure out what the soil should be amended with.

The texture of the soil is very important when it comes to retention of nutrients and amount of water is able to be held.  Course textured soils like sand or fine rock do not hold moisture or nutrients very well. If you have course textured soils you plants are at risk of drying out during a time of drought. Where as a loamy soils can hold water and retain nutrients much better. Clay soils are not good root production, clay soils should be amended with the proper soil conditioners.

Things like soil management and amending are dirty jobs. Let bright water landscaping do the dirty work for you. Here we not only bring the knowledge but we a bring passion for making things beautiful. Offering wide variety of landscaping services in the metro atlanta area. Call today for a free estimate on the lawn of your dreams!