Spring Plants

Here in Gwinnett county the winter months have passed and spring time has come. We have prepared our flower bed’s and laid our pre-emergent’s. Next on the list is to start planting! Many plants put on quiet a colorful show during this time of the year and filling  your garden with them is very enjoyable. Knowing what plants to get and where to put them is very important. A few plants that’s  may work for your yard are:

Vinca Rosea
catharantus roseus

Vinca is a very beautiful annual that comes in a variety of colors. They come in shades of pink and purple and white with different colored  centers. They bloom from spring though fall and do best in full sun. The are drought tolerant, which is great for the summer time heat  here in Suwanee.  The need very little fertilizer to  bloom properly. They can get up 18 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The work well in flower beds and in containers.



Azaleas come in many different varieties, sizes, and colors. They bloom in spring and grow best in a slightly acidic fertilizer.  These plants are shade loving with newer cultivars that are sun tolerant. Most varieties are evergreen  and do well as hedges and in containers.


Purple Cone Flower
Echinacea purpurea


Purple cone flower amongst all of the cone flowers are very beautiful when their blooming. The flower stems can get over 18 inches  tall and the foliage gets around 12 inches around. It is a perennial in georgia and blooms from late spring through fall.  Their blooms attract butterflies and their seeds attract finches. The make great accent plants and do well in containers.


These as well as many other plants are a great to have in your lawn and garden during the spring. Here at brightwater landscaping would love to help make that happen for you.  From designing the dream lawn to installing that plants to make it happen. We supply the knowledge and ability to tackle any of your landscaping needs call today for a free estimate.