Water Features

Adding a water feature to you landscape can completely change the feel  of your outdoor area. Turning your lifeless outdoor space into an area you can relax and entertain in.  Anything from adding a small fountain on the deck, to transforming your outdoor living space into a tropical paradise.  Any of the many different types of water features can really  put the finishing touch on you landscape.

Anyone can benefit from having a water feature in their landscape. Just by adding a small fountain you can attract many different types of wild life to the area. Having a calm sound of flowing water to  relax to can make any area a quick get away at the shut of an eye. Giving any area a boost of curb appeal is always a plus. Adding things like ponds or stone fountains can increase your property value  if you are ever plan to sell.

When adding a pond there are certain plants can be used to help clean the water. Plants like elodea and fanwort provide oxygen for the water. They also take in any excess nutrients from fish waste.  Water lilies are gorgeous and benefit the pond by take up nutrients from the water keeping the natural cycle of nitrogen flowing. If you have fish in you pond plants the cover the surface like water lilies will provide  shade from the hot afternoon sun.

As you can see there are many benefits from adding water features to your home. The first step is making the decision to have the outdoor space you have always dreamed of.  The second step is finding the right people to do the work. Here at bright water landscaping  we look forward to making that happen. Providing service around the gwinnett and meatro atlanta area for all your landscaping needs. Call now for a free estimate.