Water management

During a drought all plants suffer through a lot of stress here in Gwinnett if not watered properly. One of the main parts of a lawn and garden that is effected by a drought  is the grass. Trying to water your grass with hose end sprinklers and hand watering may keep it green but most of the time is very wasteful and even harmful to the grass.

There are ways of watering that can be more efficient and beneficial to you lawn. Hard to reach areas in your lawn can make watering very wasteful if sprinklers are  left unattended. Where as an underground sprinkler system can reach any areas needed to be watered using only the amount of water needed.

When watering your grass the amount of water used is very important. Having an underground sprinkler system also gives you the ability to know how much water is being used. No more wasting water second guessing if you have supplied you lawn with enough.

Having a green lawn comes from a consistent sufficient supply of water and nutrients. Having an under ground sprinkler system  takes away half of the job. The rest can be done by us. Here at bright water landscaping we know how important  having a beautiful lawn is and we would enjoy supplying you with everything you need to have one. From the design and installation to irrigation setup and maintenance to keep your lawn looking new. Offering services in the metro Atlanta area Call today for a free estimate.