Weed management

Here in Gwinnett county Georgia  we have some really stubborn weeds. Using round up and weed be gone alone will not control some of our tuff weeds. However  there are a few steps you can do to control weeds and even keep them from coming up.

The first step would begin in mid February putting down you first application of pre emergent. Some may say this to early, however doing this early will control any early germinating weeds. This will be a sure start to a successful weed free lawn.

If weeds are still present your lawn you should use a selective post emergent herbicide to get rid of them first. You can do this when ever weeds are presently in the lawn. A pre – emergent only controls weeds that have not germinated yet.

The next step will be Laying your second application in early spring usually around mid to late march. If any weeds are present you can still use a post emergent. However if  you have a Bermuda lawn do not use a post emergent while the grass is starting to turn green .

Throughout the summer continue to monitor you lawn . The pre emergent should cover most of your weeds, though sometime stubborn ones can come up. Pulling these weeds up before they germinate can stop them from spreading.

Around late September  early October you can lay your fall application of pre emergent. This will control the winter weeds. If you have a problem with grassy weeds use a pre emergent that specifies it can control grassy weeds. Make sure to read any labels and warnings concerning toxicity and what it will not harm.

Here at Bright Water Landscaping we know that having a weed free lawn is important. However we also know it can be a very frustrating job. Let us take away that frustration. We can prepare your lawn and make it manageable again. Offering a wide variety of landscaping services around the metro Atlanta area.  Call today for a free estimate on the yard of your dreams