Mulch and Pinestraw and not only advance how the yard looks but it can also lead to a healthier, fuller yard for years to come. Our team of proffesionals in BrightWater Landscaping know how to service any type of yard in the GWinnett, Lawrenceville, and dacula areas.

With many different and personalizable solutions you can know you will be taken care of the first time.

Pinestraw can not only look great, but it can also lessen weed growth, hold in moisture for soil, it will also prevent and fight erosion. Pinestraw has many benifits from cost efficency to appeal, there’s no loosing.

Mulch has the ability to give your yard the color and health it deserves. Our team of proffesionals will help you pick the right mulch for your yard. We know that the color can break it and make it for the entire look of your house, that is why we will go step by step with you in hand picking the right mulch for your yard.

You can count on BrightWater Landscaping for all your landscaping and maintenance needs. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations, and nothing less.

Give us a call for any questions and estimates at (770) 237-9300.